Power Doll, made of a branch.


Being busy with your hands making the doll ensures, that you are really "in the moment", and that you bypass your rational side. Excessive self-criticism, that could make you give up making this Power Doll, will be disabled.
And it will help if you know that anyone can apply this simple technique, and the result does not matter, only the intention does.
By turning off your ratio you get in touch with your feelings, desires and fears, and you know which part of you needs empowerment.

A Power Doll needs to have a hard core, I think. That is why I made one of a branch.
When I was working, I found the doll too small for my purpose. I think you should take a branch, that fits your hand in a nice and powerful way.

For this doll I tried to use natural materials only.
There is a theory that man-made materials generally have too much "ego" of the maker in them. So use these materials only if they radiate a good emotion.
According to the same theory you should not make a Power Doll, when you're depressed. Too much of your negativity goes into the doll and it will not work.


You can glue the eyes/mouth/nose or body directly to the wood, or you can use strips of fabric or paper to make a thicker head (securing it with a rubber band while drying). Use the same material at the ends of the arms/hands. I have used a pipe cleaner to make the arms. You can also take a small branch (or omit them).


Use natural materials to make eyes/nose/mouth/hairs etc.
Cut a “dress” (you can also make the sleeves separately) and wrap with raffia or sisal rope.


Natural paint (with egg yolk) would have been quite nice, but I used acrylic.

Take care of the doll, put her on a special place (I'm going to find a trunk for this purpose) and talk to her.
If you have done this with a group of women, make a ceremony of awakening the doll to life with music and dance.

When the goal is reached (power is supplied), some people find it appropriate to say thank you to the doll and then let the water take it away. Or to burn it.

in de hens-klein.jpg
Burning Power Doll (of a different construction).
Photograph: Klaar Wollf

afrikaansezielepop copy.jpg
Power dolls made with factory materials.

If you have a little more experience, this is also a wonderful kind of doll to try.

I still have to find the names of the creators.